Rachel Weiss

United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

In memory of my Dad, Ross Weiss

On October 14, 2000 my dad sat me down in the living room of his home (my parents had been divorced for 7 years) and told me had pancreatic cancer and it was stage 4. He assured me he would give it everything he had, and I know he did. 

As a now 35 year old woman, I know in my heart he made certain choices in order to show me how to be brave. Losing my Dad at 12 years old and 6 weeks before my Bat Mitzvah, changed the entire course of my life. This loss has affected my life in many different ways.  In my mid 20s into my early 30s, I struggled with alcoholism. As tough as this battle was, I reflected on lesson about hard calls, courage, and bravery that I learned from my dad. As I worked to get Sober, running was my solace, my joy, my chance to work thru challenges, and of course time to think about my dad. 

My mom recently shared that running both a half marathon and marathon were on my dads bucket list so it is an absolute honor to be a charity runner for Lustgarten when I run the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon on March 17, 2024!

I would so appreciate any and every contribution no matter how big or small. Lustgarten is critical to making advancements in research, detection, education, and to hopefully one day find a cure. 

Thank you for reading about my Dad and what he means to me. It’s how his memory lives forever 💞

With Gratitude,

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Saturday 6th Jan
Wow I raised 1k in just two days. Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation, specifically those that made one on Jan 4th, his birthday!

Thank you for supporting my mission, my dad, and the Lustgarten foundation 

With gratitude,

Thank You to My Donors


Mega Montclair



Jim Schwab

Good luck! I know you will do great! Loves.


Ko Baryiames


Mike Fenlon


Christine Carroll

You live each day with such good intentions. I love how you always find ways to honor your dad while doing good things at the same time. Have a joyful run🥰 xo Mom and Richard



Ross the Boss, would be very proud that you’ve mustered up the sauce to run for this cause, and for you in his memory, when you finish - we give a big round of applause. On your neck the completion medal will be adorned while drinking water by Voss, when Lola comes for a high five to you with her paws. Be careful out there, hydrate and eat salt, and the run will be free of any bruises or gauze.


Rachel Mayer



Edward Wieseltier


Rafael Baptista


Seth Baron

Goooo Rachel! Run fast!


Ryan Panepinto

Hey Rachel this Ryan. Esther is my wife and I can't make the class.


Paul Kratochwill

Your story of loss and perseverance is amazing. I had no idea of the things you faced as a child and a young woman.


Aiya Reed

Good luck & great job supporting an amazing foundation!


Harriet Kadar

Go RaeRae!!


Jackie Hofman

Let's go Rachel Weiss!! <3


Rozenblat Family

Proud of you!


Maggie Galitz


Rachel Weiss


Emily Scheiner

Go girl! ❤️


Samantha Tschen

So proud of you! I know uncle Ross is too! Can’t wait for you to cross the finish line!!!


Cara Andreoli

I used to be a coach at Mega and this cause is very close to me. Good luck!


Rachel Weiss